during the last week my sister invites me for sex date


How I came back already barefooted sat and with hands bent to the back knocked something together by the lock from the dress which was on the back. Straps of her dress were already slid down from shoulders and hung loosely.
– I cannot undo this bloody lock! – said angrily. – yeah help me yeah, because right away for me the goddamn with it will hit!
I clambered to the bed and I sat down behind her, it being overcome with her between my legs and unceremoniously adjoining with crotch to her rear end. She was real sis loves me.
– That figures – I sighed. – since we are together “to sleep for”, it I must at first undress you…

sis loves me

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Soon I got up and with contentment I remembered that right away I was going to the event. I called still on Karolina which lied dormant now in her room with the head on the opened book. She raised eyelids lazily.
– I am going to the event – I announced. – we are celebrating the beginning of holidays with a drink with pals.
For Karolina eyes went on.







– Like older they will come back, hold it for them say I went to the friend. – I pulled. – don’t only say, that for the event and that to guzzle. Kind of what it I went to him only to play the computer. For the night, I will come back in the morning, let not worry.
– You are going to the event… – drawingly a sister said, with the wistful smile on the mouth. – and perhaps I would go with you? Can I? – asked supposedly with joke, but with audible hope in the voice.
– Yeah I don’t know … – I hesitated. – I would have to ask Kipka …

Restoring Old Shoes from Prada

A blog reader, in light of the shoe polishing contest, sent it a few pictures of some of his old Loake’s (he reckons 12-20 yrs old), that he had taken from rubbish bin status to relatively new looking in just a matter of a few hours with some of the methods that he learned on the ‘A Guide To Dyeing Your Shoes‘ post. While you can use most of those methods to really do the same thing that I will explain in this post, I will add a few more that are strictly for the sake of rejuvenation of a shoe’s leather and its overall look.

after polishing













In reality, it is really hard to completely ruin a pair of well made shoes. One of the only things that you cannot repair is tearing the upper leather. Sure, there are some people who might be able to patch it up for you, some way or another, but it will never look the same. However, as long as you don’t rip the upper or put a whole in your insole, most things done to the shoe can be resolved and with a little bit of know-how and the right products in order to bring the shoes back to life.

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The next casual sneakers

casual sneakers

The smart casual world has blown up as of recent and in my opinion greatly with the help of Instagram. And many of the brands associated with this world are Italian ones that are fusing classic dress shoes models with casual soles. And the popular model that many of them share as a product offering is none other then the wonderful Belgian loafer. As seen here, the brand Superglamorous offer their version in 3 different shades of what appears to be a nubuck.

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Ready to Go with Large Shoes Mens Size

I like to think I’m organized. But if a person takes one look at my room, they’ll assume I live in chaos. Things are all over the place, but in reality, that’s just how I roll. I live in organized chaos. I know where everything in my room is, even though it appears a bit messy. So when I wake up in the morning for work, I never have any issues.

Since I work at a place that requires casual business attire, all of my nice shirts are in one area. In addition, the slacks I wear with them are nearby. They go together, so they need to be near each other. I also have all of my socks in an overflowing drawer, and I have my shoes near the door to my room. Putting them on is the last step, so when I put on my large shoes mens size, I’m always ready to go.

Things To Know About Shoes Part

Many well known European shoe brands (clothing too) claim their products are made in their country, but outsource about 80% of their production to China/India only to finish the shoes in their country and slap on “Made in Europe”….lots of lies out there


42. Toe taps are essential to unnecessary premature re-soling, especially if you are hard on your toes (i.e. jump off your toes with a lot of sis loves me with stepbrothers when walking). Toe taps do not make noise but can scratch marble floors if you have those.

43. Museum calf is a term coined by John Lobb for Ilcea’s (an Italian tannery) ‘Radica’ leather. This Radica leather is a patina looking drum-dyed leather that Ilcea created to give the marbled look to a leather without it having to have been hand colored. It is permanently like this (like any drum-dyed leather) and is polished the same as any other leather.

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Casual Sneakers


I love my men’s fashion shoes that are perfect for all kinds of different occasions. Whether I’m walking around and doing errands or I’m hanging out at the skate park, I always have a good pair of fashion shoes that make just the right statement. Whether I want to hang out causally or I’m getting ready for a formal interview, I have just the right shoes to wear.

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Life is short, wear your boots

Life is short. I was reminded of that last night when a very close friend, mentor, and elected leader in the county where I live informed me that she is undergoing open heart surgery today to have a heart valve replaced. I have debated, engaged, and worked so closely with this elected official for the past 28 years that I am reminded not to take your friends and family for granted. I am sending messages to my family and friends today just to say hey, Im thinking about you, I love you. Life is short. Wear your boots. Pictured is what Ive got on today, sans the tie. I thought about wearing the tie, but didnt need to, and didnt want to. I dont like to dress up and find ties constricting.

No Heel Boots Are Perfect For All-Day Comfort And Style


I have some lovely no heel boots from Prada that I got recently. These boots are just what I need for being stylish and comfortable every day. They are boots that feature a classic style and they are perfect for every day wear. I can wear them for errands or for going to work or hanging out on the weekends.

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boots in Gladiator style

From criss-cross necklines to sultry, cut-out dresses, there’s no denying that flashing some skin is having a serious moment. When designer Tom Ford, the undisputed authority on sexy dressing, sent models down the runway in over-the-knee gladiator boots, he launched the strappy, lace-up sandal-boot hybrid trend that’s still going strong almost three years later.


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